Oberheim announces its most affordable poly synth yet

Oberheim has unveiled a new poly synth at Superbooth 2024 called the TEO-5, described by the legendary synth company as “compact and affordable.”

The TEO-5 features five voices of true analogue polyphony in a more compact design compared to Oberheim’s other poly synths like the OB-6. This new unit boasts a fully analogue signal path, including two oscillators that can be set to saw, square, triangle, or noise, along with the renowned SEM filter. Modern features such as through-zero FM and built-in effects like chorus, delay, and reverb are also included. Additionally, there is a software editor for advanced DAW control.

Oberheim is renowned for its warm, rich pads and bass sounds, with its classic OB-X featured on iconic tracks from Prince’s ‘1999’ to Van Halen’s ‘Jump’. Typically, Oberheim products are priced on the higher end, with their current flagship synth, the OB-6, costing £2,899. The TEO-5, however, is priced at £1,499. While still a significant investment, Tom Oberheim, the company’s founder and synth legend, expressed his pride in offering a more compact and affordable synth that delivers the signature Oberheim sound for 2024.