Moog introduces the Spectravox, a new semi-modular filter bank

Moog Music has introduced the Spectravox, a new semi-modular FX unit. This latest piece of hardware draws inspiration from Moog’s iconic 907 Fixed Filter Bank from the 1960s, designed to generate “lively drones and colorful tonal sweeps on its own” and to enhance any external sound with resonant depth and psychedelic spectral movement.

Unlike the original, known for creating vowel tones and timbral effects by modulating filter frequencies, the Spectravox features non-fixed filter banks. This allows for simultaneous adjustment of both the cutoff and filter frequencies. Each bank also includes variable resonance, providing a range of effects from gentle sweeps to intense ring-modulator-style sounds. With ten filter banks, the Spectravox can also serve as a vocoder. The Spectravox’s combi-jack input lets you process any audio through its 10-band analog filter bank, each equipped with a CV input for frequency modulation alongside other built-in modulation options.