MasterSounds is halting DJ Mixer and FX Unit Production

ending of a longstanding partnership with Union Audio

MasterSounds has announced it is ceasing production of new DJ mixers, FX units, and other items in its current product range.

The news was shared on the company’s social media accounts yesterday (Tuesday, June 11th). MasterSounds founder Ryan Shaw stated, “As we hit mid-2024, I wanted to give everyone reading this a heads up. We are currently building our final units of MasterSounds DJ mixers, FX units, ISO4s, and LinearPOWER supplies. Once these are gone, we won’t be producing or selling any more of the above products. I truly believe these will become classics of the future.”

Founded in 2008, the company initially made turntable weights. These stabilized playback and made it easier for DJs to pitch-bend vinyl. Over the years, they expanded into other DJ equipment. They became renowned for their portable rotary mixers, especially the Radius MK1, praised for its sound and build quality.

MasterSounds also developed the high-end Clarity M sound system. It was designed for small venues and home use, providing a full solution for vinyl DJs. This includes weights, mixers, and PA systems. The company will continue to produce these sound systems, along with “audio accessories and turntable sales and upgrades.”

In his announcement, Shaw reassured current MasterSounds product owners. They will continue to receive after-sale support. He also mentioned the end of their partnership with Andy Rigby-Jones, founder of Union Audio and creator of the legendary Xone:92 mixer for Allen & Heath.

Earlier this year, Pioneer DJ’s parent company AlphaTheta announced a new flagship rotary mixer, the Euphonia.