Juicy Loops 2 enables the use of FL Studio’s step sequencer within Ableton Live.

YRAKI has introduced Juicy Loops 2, a Max for Live device enabling Ableton users to utilize FL Studio’s step sequencer within Ableton Live.

Initially, FL Studio’s step sequencer was replicated in Ableton Live through the first version of YRAKI’s Juicy Loops M4L device. This sequencer is a hallmark of FL Studio, significantly contributing to the DAW’s widespread popularity since its inception in the late ’90s. The second version of this Max for Live device enhances the original FL clone with additional features.

Building on the original’s polymetric capabilities, which allow individual editing of four sequence rows and the combination of patterns with varying lengths and time signatures, the update introduces a revamped UI, 32 steps per track, easy-access velocity lanes, and the ability to export new MIDI loops into Ableton as clips for further editing.

Additional features include randomized velocity, various directions for each sequencer track, and extra sample and hold options for modulating external parameters.

The Juicy Loops 2 Max for Live device is priced at £20 and available on Gumroad.

Late last year, FL Studio introduced stem separation and AI mastering as part of a new FL Cloud update.