You can now create music in VR with Apple’s Vision Pro headset

HitNMix is introducing its innovative RipX DAW in a new version designed specifically for Apple’s XR headset.

The US company HitNMix has unveiled a DAW tailored for Apple’s highly anticipated XR headset, the Apple Vision Pro. You can watch a demonstration of HitNMix’s RipX DAW in the video below.

On desktop, RipX markets itself as an AI DAW. It utilizes features such as stem separation and instrument modeling to enable users to modify sounds and notes within a fully mixed track. All audio is represented as colored blocks that can be freely manipulated, even without access to the track’s multi-tracks.

The Vision Pro version of HitNMix builds on this concept, allowing users to visualize the arrangement in a 3D space, interactively walking around and engaging with each section, melody, and note. While it is still possible to use the DAW in a traditional seated manner, the immersive 3D experience offers an additional layer, marking a first for DAWs and XR. It remains to be seen whether RipX for Apple Vision Pro will become widely adopted or remain a novelty – the app is expected to launch soon.

Apple introduced its long-awaited XR headset, Apple Vision Pro, earlier this month, with Algoriddim and Moog also releasing their own immersive music-making and DJing apps.

For more information about HitNMix’s Apple Vision Pro DAW, visit the company’s website and check out the video below for further insights.

Earlier this month, Moog launched its popular Animoog app for Apple Vision Pro, allowing users to manipulate modulation by interacting with elements in the 3D space.