Hans Zimmer is restoring the renowned synthesizer collection of BBC Maida Vale

Composer Hans Zimmer is collaborating with AJHSynth to revive the legendary audio legacy of the BBC RadioPhonic Workshop from the 1960s and 1970s.
They have jointly designed the synthesizer as an “uncompromised analog modular system,” tailored to be a unique tool for sonic creation. It features 40 individual modules covering effects, envelopes, oscillators, and filters.

Named after the iconic BBC RadioPhonic Workshop in Maida Vale, recently acquired by Zimmer, this initiative reflects his goal to restore the studio that inspired early electronic musicians.
The synthesizer will be central to the RadioPhonic Workshop, heavily influenced by Hans Zimmer’s input in its design depth. AJHSynth highlighted Zimmer’s unmatched expertise in creating pleasing sounds and maximizing their potential.

The manufacturer further states, “When Hans Zimmer describes a specific synthesizer as more engaging and richer than others, he speaks from extensive experience and authority.”
AJHSynth plans to debut the first completed synthesizer at Berlin’s SUPERBOOTH24 music convention this May, marking a significant milestone in their collaboration.