Splice now allows users to incorporate their own sounds into its Create engine

Their AI-driven loop generator now supports custom uploads.

Splice has introduced custom sample uploads to its AI-powered Create engine.

The Create feature utilizes machine learning to analyze Splice’s extensive library of millions of sounds, matching the tone, timbre, and overall vibe of loops within a Stack. This allows users to efficiently swap out loops they don’t prefer, adjust settings such as Mute, Solo, and volume, and capture their musical ideas without the need to sift through countless samples. Once satisfied with their Stack, users can export it directly to their DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) or download individual samples. Splice automatically adjusts the pitch and tempo of each sample to ensure seamless integration, maintaining consistency in timing and key across all loops.

With the new feature, users can also upload their own samples to the Create engine. This enhancement enables musicians to integrate their original ideas from their preferred DAW into Splice, ensuring that each sample chosen from Splice’s library complements their unique composition. This capability streamlines the creative process, allowing users to swiftly discover new loops from Splice’s vast collection that harmonize with their custom musical concepts.