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From: Iran/Turkey

DJ style: Psy-Trance

Ali Rahbar, professionally known as "Leaconscious," was born in 1986 in Iran. From a young age, his journey into electronic music began, and his passion for creating mesmerizing sounds has been an integral part of his life ever since. His path was set early on when he attended a transformative psytrance party, which sparked his dedication to sharing his love for electronic music with the world.

In 2003, Ali started his career as a psytrance DJ and quickly established himself as a driving force in the underground music scene. His artistic journey extends beyond DJing as he is also a prolific music producer. Years of experience and relentless pursuit of quality have shaped his unique style, characterized by fresh, intelligent ideas and groovy rhythms.

Leaconscious's meticulously crafted productions have garnered widespread acclaim, captivating listeners worldwide. From underground gatherings in Iran to the energetic stages of Goa parties, his tracks exude a spiral energy that ignites dancefloors with an unforgettable frenzy. He continues to innovate and create new music, striving to positively influence the music industry in Iran and globally.