Ableton Live 12.1 introduces real-time pitch correction

This new addition accompanies a new Drum Sampler and several other enhanced features.

Ableton has released version 12.1 of its popular music production software, Live, introducing Auto Shift, a real-time pitch correction tool integrated directly into the DAW. This update, now available in public beta, marks the first significant update since the initial release of Live 12 earlier this year and brings a variety of new features and enhancements.

The highlight of this update is Auto Shift, a device that provides real-time pitch tracking and correction. Users can set the scale of their track and create polyphonic harmonies from a single voice input using MIDI sidechain. Additionally, vibrato can be added to the corrected vocals for a more natural sound. A demonstration video of this device in action is available below.

In addition to Auto Shift, the update introduces a new Drum Sampler device designed for one-shot samples. True to Ableton’s style, this device comes with several FX and modulation options, including FM and ring modulation. It also allows users to add a sub-oscillator layer to enhance the low-end energy of their tracks.

On the organizational front, the update includes a new Auto Tagging feature. This feature automatically assigns tags to your samples and plugins, streamlining the process of filtering or manually tagging sample libraries. The update also brings enhancements to the Limiter and Saturator devices, adding new Mid/Side routing options and additional features.

Overall, Ableton Live 12.1 is packed with innovative tools and improvements aimed at enhancing the user experience and expanding creative possibilities.