Ableton has announced its latest podcast titled “Doing Music”

The initial trio of episodes, showcasing Cavetown, Sofia Kourtesis, and Equiknoxx kingpin Gavsbor, are now available for streaming.

Ableton has launched an exciting new podcast titled “Doing Music,” specifically designed for musicians, producers, and artists alike. Hosted by Craig Schuftan, a seasoned author, broadcaster, and radio producer, the podcast aims to delve deep into various themes surrounding creative processes and practices within the realm of music production.

The podcast’s inaugural episodes have already featured insightful discussions with notable guests such as indie-pop sensation Cavetown, versatile producer and DJ Sofia Kourtesis, and Gavsborg, a prominent figure from Equiknoxx. Each episode offers a comprehensive exploration of the guests’ unique artistic approaches, highlighting Kourtesis’ perspective on embracing imperfections in her musical style, navigating the complexities of her career journey, and recounting her experiences collaborating with the influential Manu Chao.

Ableton’s “Doing Music” podcast promises to return with new episodes every two weeks, providing a platform where listeners can glean valuable insights into the creative world of music making. The podcast is now available for streaming, offering a rich tapestry of discussions and revelations from some of the industry’s most innovative minds.